Private Parties & Events

Got a birthday party or group outing with some friends coming up? Bachelorette party, Bachelor party, divorce party! You name it, we’ll host it! Laché is where movement meets party time. Let us host your next event. You can choose a single practice or combine your favorites to mix it up and keep your friends on their toes.

Private Classes & Team Building

We get it. Sometimes you want to get some one-on-one time to progress a bit faster. Maybe you are wanting to get with your sports team or office team to try and sync up a bit more. It is a primary goal of ours to bridge movement and communication with ourselves and those around us Schedule a private /semi-private class or a team building class with one of our instructors. 

P.E. For School & Home School

We strive to educate the next generation about the foundations of movement and exploration. We know kids are natural movers, but it never hurts to fine tune skills and  learn a bit more about the mechanics of what our bodies are doing. we can come out to your group or we can host a regular session for your group at Laché. 

Performance & Stunts

Productions need flash and Laché can sure bring the flash. We partner with agencies in the Texas area to bring you al types of performers.  Whether you need stunts for your production or performers for an event, we will find the perfect fit.