Thank you for watching our video!

This studio is our passion, and as we have completely bootstrapped this ourselves – no loans and no big investors – we can use any help we can get, every dollar counts.

The first option is to donate whatever amount you like, the other options include rewards back to you, and the chance to get some magical add-ons ūüėČ ¬† If you would like an option not listed, “Contact Us” (tab above), select “Special Request” and tell us what you’d like!¬† Also, you can purchase any option as a scholarship – give the classes/lessons to someone you know, or to help a potential student meet their fitness goals!

We are hoping to cover our construction costs, and if possible some equipment costs too.  Construction total is going to be around $40,000 and our equipment will be another $30,000.  The more funding we have, the more different activities we can have, and the more we can make Laché comfortable and supportive of a fun community environment Рwe want this place to be top notch for you!


GOAL: $20,000



Days left to donate

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