Intro to Longsword (Feb 24)

Intro to Longsword (Feb 24, 10am - 12pm)

Come learn the basics of longsword fighting. This workshop will focus on the fundamentals, introducing basic attacks and gaurds, and explaining how and when to use them.
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Anthony M. Buonomo

Anthony began practicing HEMA in 2014. His primary focus is currently in longsword. Anthony has a diverse background in other martial arts that he pulls on and uses to inform his interpretations of the arts that we study.

Bryant Coston

Introduced to HEMA in 2015, Bryant is a personal trainer with a focus on improving students' martial capability. The knowledge he brings to AHWG as a fitness professional aids in developing and refining both its students and the arte.

This is our basic Longsword class. Anyone is welcome to attend and we will focus on many of the techniques described in the Lichtenauer tradition. Class time is divided between drills and concepts.