Frequently Asked Questions

Want a quick answer to some basic details about the gym?  Go no further!  If you can’t find what you need, text us at 512-662-1483 and we will get back to you during our open hours.

What is Open Gym?

It is a period of time where you are welcome to use any area or equipment that is not currently in use by a class or lesson, or otherwise reserved. You can ask the front desk member to help you with rigging for aerials, and to just check what space is available when. Please practice wisely – do not do activities or use equipment if you are not safely aware of how to do so.

What are Open Gym hours?

We are open weekdays from 5-10pm and weekends from 10am-6pm. We have the following additional daytime hours: Monday 1-3pm, Tues/Thurs 10am-12pm, and Friday 3-5pm. So basically, anytime we’re open is open gym. Please note though, scheduled classes and services get precedence to points and equipment. We recommend calling ahead of visiting to check on space availability. And watch our facebook, google maps, and instagram for any changes to normal business hours.

How do I tell if the gym is open on holidays?

Our schedule in WellnessLiving is always a good way to tell what classes will be happening.  For Open Gym if we have adjusted hours for holidays or special events, you can find updates on our hours on Google Maps.  For those of you on Facebook, we have a Facebook Group named “Living at Lache” where we often will post updates as well.  If you ever have a question though you can always text us!

What do I wear?

In general, you’re going to be moving so you want something you’re comfortable moving in! Flexible, elastic clothing works best. Beyond that, things like trampoline and fabric can catch things like earrings. Eek!, And many of our apparatuses can be damaged easily by metal or hard clothing pieces or jewelry, so it is best to make sure anything that isn’t going to catch or scratch an apparatus (hidden zippers are fine for example, but a zipper pull, or earring or ring may catch on an apparatus) is removed.

Various shoes are allowed in the studio. Sneakers are strongly recommended in the parkour area, but please leave any dirty shoes at the front, and no shoes (except those specifically for that purpose) are allowed on the red carpeted areas or trampolines.

Can kids take adult classes?

Our adult classes are aged at 16 years old and higher. We do this to create an appropriate space for social emotional development of our youth students, and allow for adult classes to be catered to our adult clients. On occasion, we may make exceptions per coach approvals for older teenage clients, but this requires an evaluation to determine maturity and attention span abilities of the child to participate in an adult class.

How do I sign up my kid?

You still will need to create an account – this is your access to the system, and contains your contact and billing information, but you will then create a connected profile for your child. We’ve created this video to walk you through how to create a profile and switch to their profile. If you want to purchase items for your child to use, be sure to purchase classes and services under their profile, or reach out to us via email/text to transfer and share passes.

How do I move up levels? What if I’m a visiting student?

Most of our class types have levels, and each level has a set of skills you have to be able to demonstrate in order to move up.  You can find these in the instructions on our WellnessLiving schedule.  When you select a class you are interested in, a class description pops up.  Select “read more” or “show more” on the class description to view the prerequisite skills required for the class.  Optimally you will show these to a Lache instructor either during their class, or in a private lesson.  If that is not an option, please e-mail us at [email protected] with links to videos of you completing the prerequisites within the last 6 months.  Either way we will let you know once you have been approved!

How do I stay connected with the Lache community and events?

Lache hosts showcases, kids camps, open houses, specialty workshops, and other events throughout the year.  We have information on these on display at the gym either as a poster or on our television monitor.

Another great way to find out about upcoming events is through our Facebook Group, Living at Lache, or our Instagram profile @lachemovementco. 

We all love hanging out at the gym, but we’d love to stay in touch with you when you’re not here too!  Our facebook group is a great way to connect with your classmates and instructors.

What is Wellness Living?

Throughout the Lache website and within these FAQs, you will find references to WellnessLiving.  WellnessLiving is the software we use for our class schedule and hosting our online store. This is where you can book your classes and purchase memberships and class passes 🙂 

What happens if I’m late to class?

Running late happens! Austin traffic, right? We ask that our students make every effort to be no later than 10 minutes late. This is especially true for our level 1 and level 2 classes, as often students at this level have not quite learned how to properly warm themselves up yet, and being warmed up is essential to participating in class safely. Students who are more than 10 minutes late may not be permitted to participate in class, but we ultimately leave it to the discretion of the instructor.

What happens if I cancel from a class?

We don’t have any monetary class cancellation fees 🙂  If you cancel more than 4 hours before the class, you will get your class credit back to your account to be used towards another class.  But, if you cancel less than 4 hours out, you will lose that class credit as we have already booked the coach.  If you have any extenuating circumstances please text or call as soon as possible to let us know.

What happens if the studio cancels a class?

As long as classes hit minimum enrollment (2 sign ups 4 hours prior to class), your class will be held. Classes that do not hit enrollment will be canceled 4 hours in advance and your class will automatically go back to your account for future use. Sometimes emergencies happen with our coaches that don’t allow us to notify 4 hours ahead of time. In that case, we will make every attempt to find sub coverage, but in the event we can’t, the class will be canceled and your purchase option used for class will automatically go back to your account for future usage. We try our best to not cancel classes unless we have no other options!

How do I book a private lesson or party?

We offer private options for all ages for solo or group lessons, classes, bachelorette or divorce parties, birthday parties, team building events, or whatever other occasion!  Give us a call, text, or email so that we can help set you up! Alternatively, you can use this form to contact us.  Private lesson rates and availabilities vary by instructor.

How much privacy is there for classes? (like pole)

Lache has an open floor plan and different classes happen in different areas of the gym.  Sometimes there is only one class going on at a time, and sometimes there are several.  If you prefer to train in a more secluded environment, definitely aim for class and open gym times where there are fewer activities on the schedule, or reach out to us for rental or private class options.

What if my question isn't answered here?

You can always text, call, or e-mail ([email protected]) us 🙂  Texts will be responded to during our open gym hours, as well as voicemails.  We check our e-mail daily – it is a better place to ask more complex questions like for example how to schedule a party with us!