Laché COVID-19 Status Page

With each of our regular social activities, we all have some burning questions        When are you opening back up? What is the plan? Are you being safe?      We will use this page to answer those questions and keep you posted

STATUS: Physical location opening soon!  Read the new waiver and NEW RULES.

Summer reopen plans slowed due to new peak in cases – ensure your e-mail is up to date in Wellness Living for updates!

Next update: July 30, 2020

What's the next step toward opening?

As the cases in Austin are finally starting to decline, we are creating our step by step reopen plan.  We will only be allowing a small number of people into the gym at a time, each person will have to stay in their allotted space, and there will be regular times throughout the day when we will close for cleaning.  Please read the new waiver, and the new procedure document referenced there for more detailed information.

How do I take online classes?

All online classes are in Wellness Living just like our normal classes were. Simply sign up for the class as normal. We are taking donations for classes if you cannot afford a pass or membership, just select “Pay Later” when you sign up. An e-mail will be sent prior to your class with the class link and donation information.

Can I come to a class?

As of now we are holding only a few very limited physical classes. As we hold more classes they will appear on our Wellness Living schedule, but there will still be very few and they will be limited to very few students.  So please keep moving with our online classes!

Can I come to open gym?

No, we are not currently offering open gym time. When we do you will have to sign up ahead of time as there will be limited spaces. Eventually this restriction will also be lifted.

When will you reopen to full capacity?

Since CDC has not announced when we can, we are at a bit of a stand still. That being said because our facility has a lot of in and out traffic we veer towards being more strict than the CDC. As a general guideline, expect Laché to be roughly 2-4 weeks delayed of the CDCs announcements.