Laché COVID-19 Status Page

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 STATUS:  now offering limited in-studio classes & practice!  Read the new waiver and Lache COVID-19 Pandemic Rules

NEW!  Split Week schedule: (As of 12/20 Mon & Tue moving to all masks)
Sun   Masks may be removed if/when needed, hour downtimes
Mon-Fri & Sat   Masks Mandatory except when hydrating

See details below
Verify your e-mail & cell number are up to date in Wellness Living for updates!

Next update: early 2021

What is this "Split Week" schedule thing?

Different workout styles and arts, and different athletes, have different needs.  In order to try to account for as many as we can, we have two different sets of safety rules that will apply different days of the week.

Mon-Fri & Sat are strict mask days – masks must be worn even when working out.  The only exception is hydration (if you have to take it off beyond that, please go outside first).

As some workouts and personal requirements mean that sometimes it is safer to work out without a mask, Sundays everyone has the option to remove their mask during their workout when they need to, assuming that they are maintaining social distancing.  On these days to help account for the possible increase in breath particles not caught by masks, all workout sessions (90 mins) are separated by a 60 minute “dead air” time to allow for air settling/cycling.

What is being done to keep me safe at Lache?

Several steps are being taken.  We are requiring masks to enter the building (and various mask rules when inside – see above), asking everyone to wash their hands, maintaining separated “social distancing” areas, limiting overall attendance significantly, taking steps to educate and encourage everyone to be safer for the sake of the community, and increasing sanitization of individual spaces between uses.  We are in the process of setting up to take temperatures on entry.  Please check the linked rules document above for more details.

How do I register for practice time?

Please text us at 512-662-1483 to check availability, and reserve a practice spot (e.g. a trampoline, a pole, a lyra etc.) and time. These reservations are treated like open gym as far as pricing – $15, a credit off a class pass, or included with a membership.

What is Lache doing to allow use of silks and slings?

We are starting to allow use of fabrics and other “absorbent” gym equipment.  Each is set aside when used, and is not allowed to be used until the next day – the recommended amount of time to let something rest to reduce chance of spread.

As always, if you can bring your own apparatus that is best to reduce your own risk in the gym.

What kind of contact/spotting is allowed?

The default is no contact. If the coach and the student mutually agree, then the coach can spot. If 2 people mutually agree, then they can share an apparatus, or do duo work.
They still must maintain 6+’ distance from others whenever possible.

What's the next step of opening?

As the cases in Austin are finally starting to decline, we are creating our step by step reopen plan.  We are only allowing a small number of people into the gym at a time, each person has to stay in their allotted space, and there are times throughout the day when we are doing additional cleaning.  Next steps will be slowly allowing more people, and adding more small classes.  Please read the new waiver – and the new procedure document referenced there – for more detailed information.

How do I take online classes?

All online classes are in Wellness Living just like our normal classes were. Simply sign up for the class as normal. AS OF 10/1/20 we are no longer taking donations for virtual classes, but they do cost less. Virtual class passes (for 1, 5, 10, or 15) can be purchased through Wellness Living. All normal memberships and class passes can also be used for virtual classes.

Can I come to a class?

As of now we are holding only a few very limited physical classes. As we hold more classes they will appear on our Wellness Living schedule, but there will still be very few and they will be limited to very few students.  So please keep moving with our online classes!

Can I come to open gym?

Sort of.  We are not currently offering true open gym time, but we are offering reserved practice times (for the same cost) but you have to sign up ahead of time as there are limited spaces.  Please text us at 512-662-1483 to reserve a space.  For the link to request a practice time please read the new rules linked above.  Eventually this restriction will also be lifted.

When will you reopen to full capacity?

Since CDC has not announced when we can, we are at a bit of a stand still. That being said because our facility has a lot of in and out traffic we veer towards being more strict than the CDC. As a general guideline, expect Laché to be roughly 2-4 weeks delayed of the CDCs announcements.