Laché COVID-19 Status Page

Your one-stop-shop for up-to-date schedule, rules, and safety measures

STATUS:  classes and open studio are back!  Read the new waiver and Lache COVID-19 Pandemic Rules

NEW!  (As of 8/4/21)  We are back to masks required.  Please wash hands upon entry.
Except when hydrating, eating, or catching your breath.  Please distance from others when doing so.

Verify your e-mail & cell number are up to date in Wellness Living for updates!

Does my child need a mask?

Our requirements are primarily around vaccination. That being said, children tend to fall under the non-vaccinated group due to the age requirement for vaccinations.

Here is a recap for our studio rules on masks for kiddos:

* Vaccine is not required to enter the studio
* Mask is required

What is being done to keep me safe at Lache?

Several steps are being taken.  We are requiring masks to enter the building (and various mask rules when inside – see above), asking everyone to wash their hands, taking steps to educate and encourage everyone to be safer for the sake of the community, and increased sanitization of individual spaces between uses.

How do I make sure I can come in for practice time?

Please text us at 512-662-1483 to check availability.

What is Lache doing to allow use of silks and slings?

We are starting to allow use of fabrics and other “absorbent” gym equipment.  Mask use is required now when using these apparatuses to reduce chance of spread.

As always, if you can bring your own apparatus that is best to reduce your own risk in the gym.

What kind of contact/spotting is allowed?

The default is no contact. If the coach and the student mutually agree, then the coach can spot.
They still must maintain 6+’ distance from others whenever possible.

What's the next step of masking?

Once cases in Austin are start to decline again, we will review mask requirements and remove them as it makes sense for the community.

How do I take online classes?

All online classes are in Wellness Living just like our normal classes were. Simply sign up for the class as normal – before class you will receive a text or e-mail with the link to attend. AS OF 10/1/20 we are no longer taking donations for virtual classes, but they do cost less. Virtual class passes (for 1, 5, 10, or 15) can be purchased through Wellness Living. All normal memberships and class passes can also be used for virtual classes.

Can I come to a class?

As of now we are still holding in-studio classes – they appear on our Wellness Living schedule for you to sign up as normal.

Can I come to open gym?

Yes, but we are limiting use so please text us at 512-662-1483 ahead of time for busier times to make sure there is availability.

When will you reopen to full capacity?

We are fluctuating as needed, unfortunately the situation changes quickly – keep an eye on our schedule for current offerings, and contact us any time for updates.