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Unlike Silks, which uses two separate strands of fabric suspended from a single point, Aerial Sling is a looped piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling that you can move, invert, and perform poses on.

Often seen as the happy medium between our hard apparatuses and silks, sling offers the softness of the fabrics as the apparatus medium, but the easier entry barrier of the horizontal surface with the loop for even the most beginner student. Come explore the fun world of wraps, drops, and Sling theory while building your stength, grace, and body awareness!

Let’s talk levels


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga class is for both absolute beginners. The class is designed using the sling combined with a regular yoga (vinyasa) class. The combination allows access to more poses and assists with alignment, balance, strength and inversions. This class will cover all the basics so students can feel safe in the air and more centered on the ground. This class focuses on restorative movement, not skills or tricks, to open hips, shoulders, hamstrings and back while also building core and body awareness for full body wellness.


Aerial Sling Level 1

Aerial Sling Level 1 is for those who have never touched a sling before! We will become aquainted with sitting in the sling, introduce inversions, begin with basic wraps, and slow controlled movements that integrate with Sling theory. In addition, we will start working to build base strength to set you up for a long, healthy aerial practice.


Aerial Sling Level 2

This class is designed for those students who have taken several Aerial Sling Level 1 classes and want to further their skills! We will be working on more advanced wraps, more inversions, splits and drops. Oh my! Sling theory will be covered in more detail and students will learn all the basic wrap dynamics.


Aerial Sling Level 3

Suited for intermediate/advanced students. Aerial Sling Level 3 is a multifaceted class that goes over use of both short and long sling choreography and vocabulary. Students will expect to learn intricate wraps, drops, and long sequences. Also covered will be stamina and strength building choreography. Students must be very comfortable in the air.


Age requirements: age range for youth classes is 6-11 for kids and 12-16 for teens (two separate classes), but what is more important is that your child can follow instruction respectfully and attentively for an hour.

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