Let’s Get Moving Austin


Come build strength and get a great workout, all while having a blast! Pole Fitness is one of the latest trends in fun fitness – bring out your inner child and learn to spin, swing, climb and so many other things!

Our Pole Fitness classes approach the art with a fun gymnastic type feel -encouraging muscle activation and graceful implementation of ever increasingly fun moves!  Start with us at an easy and safe introductory level, you’ll build strength faster than you think 

Let’s talk levels


Level 1

Let’s get started!  Level 1 is for those wanting to get started but with little to no previous experience.

Intro level is easier than Level 1.  It is for those who are a little worried about this whole pole thing   In Intro classes we will coach the very basics in a way that is approachable for any level to get you started on the right foot!

Note: You are not required to take Intro before Level 1


Level 2

Moving up!  In Level 2 we start getting more height.  We will start learning to grip with our legs, hold more body weight, and start making things more challenging.

In this level we will learn things like climbing, inversions, and more complex spin combinations.  We will also work on some off-the-pole inversions like headstands.

Attire: Please wear either clean sneakers or bare feet to class, workout clothes that you can move freely in, and shorts.


Level 3

Time to get more air!  Level 3 expands more on the grounded moves, and really getting more comfortable off of the ground.  We will expand into gripping the pole in more ways – knee grips, elbow grips, shoulder mounts and more!

Attire: Please wear either clean sneakers or bare feet to class, workout clothes that you can move freely in, shorts, and a top that allows for skin access to the waist and tops of your shoulders.


Kids (Level 1 & 2)

Kids are lucky enough to have a higher strength to weight ratio, so in this initial pole class for kids we may work on Level 2 movements depending on the students’ ability 

Come have fun swinging, spinning, climbing, and (carefully) inverting!  Pole fitness is a great way for kids to learn complex coordination, gain full body awareness and strength, and work on fine and gross motor skills in a fun and exciting way!

Attire: Comfy workout top and shorts!  Sneakers or bare feet work great. 

Age requirements: the soft age range for this class is 6-12 but what is more important is that your kiddo can follow instruction for an hour.  If they are self driven and focused before 13 they may be able to take the adult classes.  If you are at all unsure definitely give us a call!  We can help decide which class is right, and are happy to meet your kiddo and determine what’s best. 


Please wear either clean sneakers or bare feet to class, and workout clothes that you can move freely in!

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