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While we all know it’s fun to be in the air, whether it’s on an apparatus or jumping from surface to surface, sometimes we want to feel the grouond beneath our feet. Our grounded movement classes ranage from Gymnastics and Tumbling learning basic rolls and movements across the tumble floor to flexibility classes and contortion for those looking for better overall strength and stamina with their bodies. Our grounded movements are great for all students looking to raise their body awareness and compliments any aerial, acrobatic, and pole practice.

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Is touching your toes harder than you’d like? Would you like to improve your mobility for the fun activities you want to do, and just for everyday life? Do you cringe, or just laugh when someone says backbend or splits?

This class is to get you started on your path to better flexibility and mobility in a safe, beginner friendly way. We’ll go through and warm up the muscles and joints, then have a mix of active and passive stretching and flexibility strengthening exercises for ~3 major focus areas for each class. Learn to be more aware of what your body is capable of, and what it needs!


Intro to Contortion

All levels welcome! This class will focus on improving your mobility while strengthening active flexibility.

We will use Mongolian, Russian, and yoga techniques while working on splits, straddle, pancake and back flexibility. This class has no prerequisites other than come with a desire to learn and have fun!


Tumbling (All- Levels)

Whether you’ve always wanted to try Gymnastics, are wanting to get back into it, or you’re growing your skill set, come join this fun energetic class!

Each class will start with getting you moving through a full body warmup, then reviewing various tumbling skills with the difficulty adjusted based on who’s in class that day. If you’re lucky class will end with some nice conditioning for those muscles.


Intro to Handstands

Whether you’ve never experienced inversions or feel totally at home in them, this class is for you! This small, all level class will start with some serious conditioning and then one on one coaching based on where you are in your practice! Let’s do some handstands!



Bounce your way to fun while increasing your overall body awareness, strength, and stamina! In this class, we’ll cover basic trampoline skills to more advanced twists and revolutions. Trampoline provides a great aerobic workout while developing new skills.


General athletic attire will work for any of our grounded movement classes. We’re not fancy, just. wear what fits and feels comfortable and will help you feel at ease as you move and spend some time in your body!

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