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Lyra, or aerial hoop, is a popular, modern-day circus apparatus with so many possibilities! It is a steel circle hung from the ceiling using either one connection point or two.

Come explore this circle as we learn to pose, spin, and fly with it, while also building strength and flexibility that will improve your overall aerial practice and fitness. Our level 1 class is a safe, non-intimidating introduction to those with no prior athletic or aerial experience. Come join us and fall in love with aerial hoop!

Let’s talk levels


Level 1

In Level 1 we will get you on the right foot with the very basics – hand grips, terminology, proper form, conditioning, and easy fun poses! No experience or prior athletic background needed – this class is a safe and easy introduction.


Level 2

Building on foundations from Lyra Level 1, Lyra 2 now goes upside down! Lyra 2 focuses on conditioning to enable skills with only two points of contact, new mounts, dismounts, and inversions. As you build your vocabulary, we will explore more sequencing.


Level 3

Building further on skills from Lyra 2, Lyra 3 introduces more strength intensive moves and balances along with poses using fewer points of contact. More advanced mounts will be introduced and we will explore longer transitions between tricks.


Level 4

Level 4 kicks it up a notch by introducing more intricate sequencing, high level strength moves, and taking tricks above the top bar! Every week is different and we will learn from a range of skills such as advanced spinning to momentum based movement.


Tights, leggings, yoga pants, etc. of at least capri length or longer (covering the backs of the knees). As the tape on the lyra can tear, please do not wear things that would damage it (e.g. zipper pulls, buttons, jewelry).

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